Terms And Conditions

Last revised: July, 15, 2o2o

Placing orders on https://restosales.com/ (The Restosales) implies consent to abide by the terms and conditions below as well as the terms in our Return Policy.


The terms and conditions of sale apply to the sale of all goods and services provided by The restosales. Any variations or cancellations of these conditions shall not be binding unless agreed to by The restosales

Price and Assurance Policy


Pricing on https://restosales.com/is subject to change without notice. The restosales reserves the right to correct pricing on items listed incorrectly and to notify the customer before shipping of the item of an additional balance due or offer to cancel the order.

If an item on https://restosales.com/ is purchased and the price is lowered within 10 days, The restosales will reimburse the difference in cost to the customer as store credit that will apply to future orders. The customer must request this reimbursement within 7 days of the price change on https://restosales.com/ There will be no cash refunds as part of the price assurance policy.

Lowest Price Guarantee!


https://restosales.com/ is guaranteed to have the lowest delivered price on any product we carry. Other companies may appear to have lower prices at first glance, but once shipping costs are included The restosales will always come out ahead because of our low flat rate shipping on your whole order.


*Best Price Guarantee is at our discretion and does not include sales or promotional prices. The item must be in our stock at the other retailer. The buyer must be a registered distributor of the product offered. The lowest price will be determined by calculating all costs including all, shipping and, handling associated with the item at the other retailer.

International Orders

All international orders must be paid by a direct deposit or International Money Transfer (IMT). Surcharges apply – see the invoice. We do not accept credit cards for international transactions.



Shipping is solely at our choice by shipping with DHL, FedEx, or Post service, and so on. In some cases, we might also use it to deliver on our own to ship your order.



If a customer submits a request on the Site to purchase kitchen equipment, kitchen supplies, or other services, the customer agrees that all charges, taxes, and shipping/handling fees will automatically be charged or paid by the customer with an approved payment method.


*We were required to each order to be fully paid, including shipping & handling fees, if applicable, before we complete an order. We will be not started the shipping until we receive the full payment.



An ordering proof will be sent to your registered e-mail address after you submitted the orders list. All orders were status will be pending before approval. It is the customer’s responsibility to must log in to their account and must check on their orders. We are not liable for delays in the order on the customer’s non-member.


https://restosales.com/ will send the commercial invoice as proof that shows your order list. It is must be requested by our customers when the orders have been placed and should be checked against possible errors in orders item, total amount, recipient name, or address. The customer is fully responsible for all that is contained in the final approved invoice.


Once a commercial invoice created and has been approved by the customer, the customer is responsible for paying the overall amount of orders along with applicable taxes and shipping/handling fees, unless otherwise noted. All prices stated herein are based on current costs and subject to change.

Our Sales Tax Policy


If, after the customer has paid the bill, it is set on that more tax is due, then the customer must punctually remit the required taxes to the taxing authority or immediately reimburse the provider for any additional taxes paid.

Order Changes and Cancellation


An order may not be canceled or modified once the status is “In Process”. If you wish to cancel or change an order before delivery, you must contact The restosales Sales immediately. If the order is still in the preflight or proofing stage, it may be canceled subject to the following fee