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How to reopen your company during COVID-19

How to reopen your company during COVID-19

How to reopen your company during COVID-19

No one could have predicted what 2020 had in store for the restaurant industry, How to reopen your company during COVID-19, but together, we can bounce back better than before! Restosales is here, open, and ready to help you re-open. We are the premier Canadian sales and service provider catering to the Canadian restaurant and food industry.

To help get you back on your feet, we have provided a MUST DO list for re-opening your company during COVID-19:

How to reopen your company during COVID-19


The first thing you need to do is clean up and sanitize your restaurant from top to bottom to ensure the health & safety of your customers and employees. If you choose to clean yourself or employ a cleaning service, reopening this phase is the most crucial thing.

  • Deep scrub thoroughly your kitchen and appliances. These disinfectants have been found helpful. 
  • Sterilize seating areas such as bars, tables, chairs, baby seats, and menus. For additional precautions, you may opt to install table dividers. 
  • Disinfect high-touch surfaces: counters, doors, point-of-sale machines, coffee machines, etc. 
  • Clean and daily sanitize the restrooms.

To sustain steady cleanliness and sterilization of your restaurant, implement a thorough cleaning schedule to maintain sanitation standards for health and safety.

Make sure your equipment works 

During this unfortunate lockout did your equipment go off? SO How to reopen your company during COVID-19 Turn all your equipment on to ensure they continue to work. If you need help, call our team at 416-274-3108 Equipment that has been off for an extended period, when restarted, may run into problems.

  • Switch power, propane, and electrical lines on to ensure service. 
  • Switch on all cooking equipment to ensure they are functioning properly. 
  • Restart all refrigeration and freezer equipment and provide time to monitor temperatures. 
  • Ensure that all expired foods are replaced to comply with health & safety guidelines.

Virtual space layout According to social distance guidelines

Practices of social distancing must be practiced to ensure the health and safety of clients and employees. SO How to reopen your company during COVID-19 Ensure that staff has access to gloves and masks as needed. 

In conclusion, We can stop the spread and keep everybody safe in doing so! Below are some by-laws and key procedures to follow a safe restaurant environment is maintained.

We will help you How to reopen your company during COVID-19

  • Post physical distancing markers to manage line-ups.
  • Consider seating by reservation only.
  • Remove seating in waiting areas to promote faster pickups and exits.
  • Keep chairs away from high traffic areas.
  • Remove buffet styles, self-serve and self-drink options.
  • Consider single-use menus, mobile menus, chalkboard menus.
  • Ensure that staff has access to gloves and masks as needed. 
  • Train employees on physical distance, how to serve food, protocol for cleanliness, and avoid unnecessary handling. 
  • Scatter breaks to encourage physical distancing between workers.
  • High touch surfaces are frequently disinfected.
  • Designate tasks to minimize cross-contact among certain staff.

Time to Reopening

  • Without a doubt, therefore you need to be keen on getting customers to flow in. Make sure you keep your customers safe and deliver a great experience to them! 
  • Use social media to let the clients know that you are reopening. 
  • Provide updates on your website to inform clients that they can dine in now. 
  • Let customers know you’ve done all the procedures necessary to ensure their safety.
  • Advertise that your company has been sanitized, and share your procedures. 
  • Promote discounts or deals on dining to get clients in the door. 
  • Encourage contactless payments between clients which can be sanitized.
  • Make your customers feel comfortable and provide a great dining experience.
  • Let your clients feel relaxed and offer a perfect dining experience.  

Stay coordinated and create a plan to keep checking along the way. Therefore Once you get your restaurant up and running, things get going. Stay positive, stay safe, and know we are all together in this!